(Blood, Serum & Nutrition)

“Pharmed Infision Warmer”,The blood and serum warmer is a device that performs controlled heating of the fluids to be given to the patient in order to eliminate the possible risk of hypothermia during the infusion and transfusion processes.

It is suitable for use in standard blood transfusion, infusion, intravenous and nutrition.

Compact structure, ergonomic design

Dry heater system

Easy and fast adjustment possibility

Effective and homogeneous heating with 3 temperature sensors with microprocessor control

Stopping feature thanks to the over-temperature safety system

Warning Alarm System

Sensitivity : 0.1 degree

Temperature adjustment range: 33 ºC – 42 ºC

The fluid temperature going to the patient can be monitored on the digital screen


  1.  Intensive Care Units
    a) Anesthesia
    b) Cardiovascular Surgery
    c) Neonatal
  2. Operating room ( pre-processing before the operation )
  3. Emergency Room
  4. Blood Bank
  5. Ambulances
  6. Military Field Hospitals