Tap into the
Future of Infusion

Simple and easy to use

Multiple Infusion Modes

It is more efficient and intelligent in meeting the needs of various clinical departments and different drug infusion cases.

Micro Mode

Applications include the use of different syringes for multiple patients allowing for different specifications and double efficacy to the infusion.

Smart Bolus

It has three modes that respond to any medical emergency.

Wi-Fi Network

The internal WIFI module connects to ICIS over the hospital LAN for centralized monitoring of the infusion. It also connects to the CBT and HIS system to integrate clinical information data.

Customized Calibration

Open consumable lets you customize and calibrate the consumable. Auto-recognition consumable specification makes infusion safe and precise.

Every innovation targets safer Infusion

Automatic Pump Cover

When you press lightly, the cover will open, as a patent designed automatic cover, fully closed pump cover guarantees infusion safety.

Automatic Free Flowing System

Press it lightly and the anti-free flow clamp will open or close. When the pump cover is opened, the free-flow clamp closes automatically and prevents spillage.

Total Peristaltic System Pump

Industry advanced total flexible peristaltic adopting technology infusion makes it safer and more precise.

Flexible and Lightweight

Compact and light body design, flexible and versatile structure, free to different clinical conditions transformation. Pumps need another accessory Can be freely mounted on guides without.

Ultra long standby time

High-capacity lithium battery, transport and other Provides support for emergencies.

Emergency Alarm System

Internal super capacitor, to guarantee safety 3 minutes at a sudden power consumption provides an alarm.

Occlusion Alarm and Anti-Bolus

Occlusion levels for clinical use of various drugs setting is available. When the infusion tube is clogged, the fluid spills, drug contamination and pressure changelt has automatic decompression to prevent waste. It also reduces the risk of overdose infusion.

Dual CPU Design, Two-Way Independent Sound Light Alarm

Dual CPU control ensures real control and data reliability. Relieve strict management of the risk process and clinics It creates a complete alarm system for

Customized Drug Library

A drug database customized for clinics providing easy and safe infusion More than 1000 drugs that make can store information.

Plug & Play Design

Without any device, single pump in 3 seconds remove or insert. Continuous infusion while transporting patients start easily.

WI-Fl Networking

Connect directly to ICIS for centralized monitoring of the infusion or connect to the CIS/HIS system to integrate clinical information data.

One click for system parameters

Such as date, time and screen brightness. set parameters. Other at workstation synchronize pumps automatically.

Workspace Management

Only one power cord to the pumps at the workstation powered by. An infusion tube management clamp, can hold infusion tubes and expanded tubes. This saves space.

Synchronized Alarm

When a single pump alarms, the workstation the SCU above it simultaneously alarms with a high signal gives a problem to doctors or nurses. It gives a chance to intervene in a timely manner.

Intelligent Dual Power System

Providing quick responses to sudden power outages Precise internal circuit design.